OpenShift Primer - Revision 2

OpenShift Primer - Revision 2

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Are you tired of requesting a new development machine for your application? Are you sick of having to set up a new test environment for your application? Do you just want to focus on developing your application in peace without 'dorking with the stack' all of the time? We hear you. We have been there too. Have no fear, OpenShift is here! This book is all about getting you started, hands-on, with Red Hat OpenShift PaaS. With new content and information on the latest updates, this revised edition is developer focused, concentrating on getting you working on your code in the Cloud in the shortest amount of time. It is based on real world examples and covers all of the languages available to you in OpenShift.[10] Client tools for Mac Before we can begin with our Mac installation of the OpenShift client tools, there are a few requirements we need to satisfy first. The official quick start guide points to a Full Xcode Suite or Git for OS X, but we have a anbsp;...

Title:OpenShift Primer - Revision 2
Author:Eric D. Schabell
Publisher:Developer Press - 2014-04-01


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