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Jane Deerfield is having a bad millennia. Sucked forward in time two centuries after a cataclysmic nuclear event obliterated most of the planet, she's soon on a mission to keep the survivors from repeating mankind's mistakes. Trapped in a magical world, she never planned on falling in love with the one man who would plunge humanity back into war. King Daken's people are in danger of extinction by the murdering Tarveen. Desperate, he seeks an army from the Elven Lord. Jane's sudden appearance becomes more than a distraction when she gets appointed to Daken's position on the Elven Lord's ruling council, then votes against his army. Now she's in the way, and nothing will stop Daken.Jane Deerfield is having a bad millennia.

Author:Katherine Greyle
Publisher:Lionhearted Pub Incorporated - 1998


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