Orestes A. Brownson

Orestes A. Brownson

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Orestes Augustus Brownson (1803-1876) was a philosopher, essayist, and minister whose broad-ranging ideas both reflected and influenced the social and religious mores of his day. This superb biography by Patrick Carey provides a thorough, incisive account of Brownson's shifting intellectual and religious life within the context of American cultural history. Based on a close reading of Brownson's diary notebooks, letters, essays, and books, this biography chronicles the course of Brownson's eventful life, particularly his restless search for a balance between freedom and communion in his relations with God, nature, and the human community. Yet Carey's work is more than an excellent account of one man's development; it also portrays the face of an important period in American religious history. What is more, 200 years after Brownson's birth, America is marked by the same pressing social and religious issues that he himself addressed: religious pluralism, changing religious identifications, culture wars, military conflicts, and challenges to national peace and security. Carey's book shows how Brownson's values and ideas transcend his own time period and resonate helpfully with our own.In 1850 James Freeman Clarke made explicit reference to this article as a sample of Brownsona#39;s unpredictable intellectual temperament. ... In essay after essay he mounted his attack upon Protestantism 168 ORESTES A. BROWNSON.

Title:Orestes A. Brownson
Author:Patrick W. Carey
Publisher:Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing - 2004


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