Organized for Murder

Organized for Murder

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USA TODAY Bestselling Novel! Organization expert Kate McKenzie is on track to make her new business, STACKED IN YOUR FAVOR, a hit in small-town Vermont. But when her first client, the wealthy Amelia Nethercutt, is found dead, the job takes a decidedly sinister turn. Kate thought she and her family were making a fresh start in her husband's hometown, but she quickly learns that small towns can hold big secrets. When her first client is poisoned just after Kate leaves her mansion, she knows she's gotten off to a bad start. But things only get worse when the police find Kate's fingerprints on the murder weapon, suddenly putting her in the position of suspect number one. The stopwatch is ticking for Kate to prove she had nothing to do with the murder, and the odds are further stacked against her when items stolen from the Nethercutt mansion start showing up in the McKenzie home. Now, Kate must trust her methodical skills and expert eye to sort out who is trying to frame her and to find the real killer before she's organized right into a jail cell. Organized Mysteries: Organized for Murder (book #1) Organized for Homicide (book #2) What critics are saying: a€œRitter writes like a seasoned veteran, and you will not believe how helpful these organizational tips are!a€ ~ Gemma Halliday, New York Times Bestselling author qA delightful new cozy mystery series starring an intriguing heroine--Kate McKenzie. Twists and turns abound, entertaining the reader throughout! I loved it and look forward to the next installment. Ritter Ames is a new star on the cozy set!q ~ Michele Scott, author of the Wine Lovers Mystery Series, featuring Nikki Sands qOrganized for Murder is a very enjoyable first in a new series. Ritter Ames really hit it out the park with this debut, and with her organizational tips included (throughout the book and at the end), I know this is one book I will be hanging onto. If you havena€™t discovered this series yet, I highly recommend picking it up.q ~ Cozy Mystery Book Reviews qRitter Ames keeps ratcheting the suspense until I started skipping sentences just to find out who murdered Amelia and another woman. It was thoroughly enjoyable with well-developed, 3-dimensional characters.q ~ BookTalk with Eileen qIf you enjoy cozy type mysteries, I think you'll enjoy this light fast read.q ~ Murder Most Cozy qThe characters are well written and stay true to who they are from the beginning to end of the book, and they feel real as if you could meet the in real life.q ~ Hiding from My Kids qOrganized for Murder by Ritter Ames is the first in a new cozy mystery series, Organized Mysteries. This is a quality cozy mystery. The story is well-written and the mystery kept me guessing. This is a great start to a new series, and one I am looking forward to revisiting. Great characters, fantastic writing, and a clever mystery all combine to make a really wonderful book.q ~ Brooke Blogs qI am a huge lover of cozy mysteries, and this by far is one of my favorites. I loved the premise of the main character Kate being an organizer and I loved all the organizational tips that I picked up throughout the story.q ~ Doctora€™s Notes qThe plot was well paced and I enjoyed the way Kate followed the clues in a very organized fashion. The author added some great twists, I was surprised by the actual murderer. I enjoyed all the organizational tips that started each chapter. Several will be introduced into my own household.q ~ Escape with Dollycas into a Good BookNumb, Kate replaced the telephone on its cradle. ... In the kitchen, the phone system light blinked to signal a missed call and message. ... instead of a landline or souping up their cell minutes, but at that moment she hated their Ooma system.

Title:Organized for Murder
Author:Ritter Ames
Publisher:Gemma Halliday Publishing - 2015-02-16


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