Out of Darkness into the Light

Out of Darkness into the Light

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The author was hunting in the foothills of a Montana mountain range. Somehow he became separated from his friends and sudden darkness extinguished all light of day. He called out and there was no answer. Being a stranger to those mountains, not knowing where he was, he began to panic. Then he remembered something his friends once told him: dona€™t panic, climb to the top of a hill, and look around. He did so and saw three lights in three different directions. This is good, he thought, one of them might be the cabin we are staying in. Seeing light gave him hope, even though the light seemed so small and far away. He chose a light to follow and began his journey. Up and down the hills, crossing deep snow banks, often losing sight of the light, he plodded on. What relief and joy and thanksgiving to God overwhelmed him when he arrived at a cabin a€“ it was the right one. Each chapter in Out of Darkness Into The Light identifies some darkness that needs to be overcome. Each chapter offers the light of Jesus and Goda€™s word as an antidote to darkness. Followers of Jesus will gain new insights and a deeper understanding of their faith. Those seeking to follow Jesus will be able to make a clearer decision by acquiring a better understanding of what Jesus and the Christian faith is about. Small groups: included is a guide for Bible study and discussion; chapters can be selected according to interest. Pastors and lay teachers will find a good resource to expand onea€™s Christian world view and practical Bible teaching, illustrations, and quotes to pass on. Those with troubled hearts will experience hope and lifted spirits. a€œOut of Darkness Into the Lighta€ touches on things like fears, stress, grief, suffering, and self-forgiveness. Non-readers need not read it all - a short skip around the chapters can be beneficial. Left your faith? a€œOut of Darkness Into the Lighta€ recognizes past criticisms, hurts, unanswered questions and doubts and offers another look. Hate religion? So do I. Learn what a relational life with Jesus involves.I am reminded that God experienced a similar problem. God loved and tookabride, Israel, whowas unfaithful to Him (Ezekiel 16:32). God was deeply grieved but honest withher about Hisfeelings and about her wrong, hurtful behavior. Ratheranbsp;...

Title:Out of Darkness into the Light
Author:Jay Ashbaucher
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2014-10-09


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