Outside Looking In

Outside Looking In

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At fourteen, Fergy is tired of his familya€™s life style. Hea€™s tired of living in a van with his parents, J. P. and Gussie, and his younger sister, Ooma. Hea€™s sick of peddling honey and pamphlets of his fathera€™s writings. And most of all he hates stealing things, even though J. P. says ita€™s all right to a€œreclaima€ necessities from society. Fergy listens to J. P. talk about the evils of a€œthe system, a€ and gradually Fergy realizes that he no longer believes or respects his father. In fact, Fergy longs more than anything to be a part of that system! One day, when Fergya€™s father steals a motor home from an elderly couple who have befriended them, Fergy knows the time has come to act. Hea€™s fed up, and he has to escape. Early one morning, with Ooma in tow, Fergy runs away. Gussiea€™s wealthy parents live in Boston, and Fergy hopes that if he can find them he and Ooma can have the a€œregular and normala€ life he longs for. How Fergy comes to grips with his relationship with his parents and his own expectations makes a provocative, at times painful, but always absorbing story about a boya€™s determination to make a better life for himself.Ooma slept for a good while and woke up feeling more cheerful. ... I didna#39;t dare spend any money on food, because we hardly had any left, but I got Ooma a soda and then went off to the phone booths to find a telephone book. I got the one foranbsp;...

Title:Outside Looking In
Author:James Lincoln Collier
Publisher:AudioGO - 2013-06-01


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