Outsmarting Cats

Outsmarting Cats

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While cat owners adore their purring, fuzzy friends, cats can have another, rather unpleasant, side. Some pee on carpets, shred upholstery, chomp houseplants, caterwaul at all hours, and scratch and bite. Skeptics will claim that ita€™s impossible to train a cat. Happily, Wendy Christensen knows theya€™re wrong. True, cats are intelligent, adaptable, patient, independent, stubborn, observant, and extremely quick learners. But they're also remarkably self-interested and quick to exploit a good deal. Outsmarting Cats enables you to persuade your cat that what you want is also what she wants. Whatever your specific cat problem, Wendy Christensen gives all the latest information on what works, and what doesn't. She shares tried-and-true tips and resources for resolving even the thorniest behavior problems. And she'll tell you how to head off future problems, simply by understanding how your cat thinks.How to Persuade the Felines in Your Life to do What You Want Wendy Christensen. feels like a ... It works best on short hair, and is useless for serious tangles and mats. ... Every once in a while, take your laptop to a computer repair shop for a complete cleaning. For your home tower computer, though, you can do it yourself.

Title:Outsmarting Cats
Author:Wendy Christensen
Publisher:Globe Pequot - 2013-03-05


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