OUTTA Sbzzz Mind

OUTTA Sbzzz Mind

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This is my first book containing drawings/cartoons or maybe some can be called an art-toon. All drawings have a story or memory attached with them of fiction or non-fiction... Some are funny, strange, weird, eerie or food for thought. I let my brain dribble down to my hand so it could move some ink around on the paper. Ia€™d like to believe that this book will inspire others in creating their art and publishing the results of your efforts. There is so much talent out there. What is the gift you have to offer unconditionally without comparing your creations to other artists? Find your style, niche, or desire and draw, doodle, paint, mold, sculpt, design or whatever your medium of art is and produce it for the world to see. Art is wonderful, fun, appealing and life. Art it is all good.If you ask a question that deserves a yes or no answer and you receive something in between, ask again and again and again! If they are ... Ita#39;s a Halloween skeleton I leave hanging in my closet as a reminder to be truthful, honest, and authentic. I also have a ... A SCENE OUTTA THE TARZAN MOVIE WE DIDNa#39;T SEE I. 80.

Title:OUTTA Sbzzz Mind
Author:Sb Waitt
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2012-05-01


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