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In Feb 2006, a Danish newspaper printed twelve highly provocative caricatures of the prophet Muhammad. The drawings landed on the internet and quickly circled the globe. As a direct result, riots ensued and at least 139 people died. This is just one example of overconnection. The consequences of an over-connected world cannot be ignored. In this important book, William H. Davidow takes a highly pragmatic approach by recognising that the digital clock cannot be turned back in terms of ubiquitous connectivity, but urges that caution and forethought is applied to the systems we build in the future. Davidow identifies four distinct levels of connection: Underconnected, Interconnected, Highly Connected and Overconnected. Highly Connected is the ideal state we must strive for and avoid spilling into Overconnected.Suppliers would ship parts too early and too late, and when they did arrive they often didna#39;t work or were in the wrong quantity. ... Henry Ford undoubtedly ran a better manufacturing system than I did, but the challenge of having to use manual systems to collect data from ... In 2006, as a cost-reduction measure, a medical practice in Singapore began transmitting X-rays over the Internet to a company in anbsp;...

Author:William H. Davidow
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-01-20


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