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Stressed out? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Good newsa€”youa€™re not alone! No one ever said life was going to be easy. Between financial struggles, marital issues, health scares, and the regular, run-of-the-mill problems of everyday life, ita€™s easy to feel weighed down and trapped by your circumstances. In times like these, ita€™s tempting to just throw in the towel and quit. Well, dona€™t do it! Perry Noble has stood at the edge of the abyss himself, and in Overwhelmed, he shares the keys to unlocking the chains of anxiety and despair once and for all. Building on the premise that when we shift our focus from our circumstances to Christ, everything changes, Perry walks readers through a life-altering plan for overcoming stress, worry, depression, and anxiety so we can be free to enjoy the abundant, joy-filled lives we were created for. God knows wea€™re frustrated. He knows wea€™re tired. He knows wea€™re struggling. But He also knows how things are going to turn out. He is greater than anything you are going through . . . so dona€™t give up on God. After all, Hea€™s never given up on you.But if you cana#39;t, Ia#39;m killing all of you!a€ Uh, anyone see a ... Youa#39;re stalling for time because you know I am serious when I say, a#39;If you dona#39;t tell me the dream, you are doomed.a#39; So you have conspired to tell me lies, hoping I will change my mind. But tell me the ... Daniel is sitting in his house playing Angry Birds on his iPhone, and out of nowhere comes a knock at the door. He goes to open it, ... spin on this. Through no fault of his own, Daniel found himself right in the middle 39 Perry noble.

Author:Perry Noble
Publisher:Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. - 2014-04-01


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