Packing Light

Packing Light

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Carrying baggage you don't need? When I was in college, I figured my life would come together around graduation. Ia€™d meet a guy, have a beautiful wedding, and we'd buy a nice little housea€”not necessarily with a picket fence, but with whatever kind of fence we wanted. Whatever we decided, I would be happy. When I got out of college and my life didna€™t look like that, I floundered, trying to get the life I had always dreamed of through career, travel, and relationships. But none of them satisfied me as I hoped. Like many twentysomethings, I tried to discover the life of my dreams, but instead I just kept accumulating baggagea€”school loans, electronics I couldna€™t afford, hurt from broken relationships, and unmet expectations for what life was a€œsupposed to bea€ like. Just when I had given up all hope of finding the a€œlife Ia€™d always dreamed about, a€ I decided to take a trip to all fifty states . . . because when you go on a trip, you cana€™t take your baggage. What I found was that a€œpacking lighta€ wasna€™t as easy as I thought it would be. This is the story of my trip and learning to live life with less baggage.And with the brownies I had made earlier that day on my lap, Sharaya and I crammed into the backseat of Beksa#39;s Mini Cooper and made our way to the party. Beks drove, and ... a€œI mean, ita#39;s pretty obvious what Sharaya does. She sings everyanbsp;...

Title:Packing Light
Author:Allison Vesterfelt
Publisher:Moody Publishers - 2013-08-26


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