Pakhan's Bluff

Pakhan's Bluff

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In the Scottish Highlands an enigmatic billionaire and private investor masterminds a perfect crime a€“ the theft of The Royal Orb. Two hundred years ago a Duke and his friend hid this precious object from a King. Recently discovered, its public display in a museum gives the man known as Pakhan a chance to take it for himself. In Edinburgh, Ken Lacey is a fine art expert and former military intelligence officer who works with the police to prevent illegal trade in rare and expensive artefacts, and their counterfeits. When Pakhana€™s thieves steal the Royal Orb, Kena€™s nephew Rob and best friend Alex stumble across its temporary hiding place and are kidnapped. The only person who can help them stay alive is a double agent working under deep cover for the Italian Guardia di Finanza. In Venice, six months later, a cache of Jacobite Gold appears on the open market and Ken is back on Pakhana€™s trail. Pakhan plans to buy the treasure legitimately and Kena€™s brief is to attend the auction then follow the money to lure Pakhan into the open. Ken doesna€™t believe the plan will work and changes the mission. If he fails, his bold stunt will cost Ken not only his job but his life.It was a Range Rover Evoque. Hea#39;d treated himself to itforhis fortieth birthday lastyear. Roband Alex then watched open mouthed as two more even bigger 4x4s raced past them chasing Vlad andthe first police vehicle, which was nowless thananbsp;...

Title:Pakhan's Bluff
Author:Darren Bell - 2014-05-27


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