Paris Plays

Paris Plays

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Paris Plays is part autobiography and part anthology of the Paris Years of the American playwright Jack Fitzgerald. Going to Paris in 1971, he founded The Paris English Theater and presented the premiere productions of nine of his plays. Fitzgerald carries you along to France with him and relates how he founded his theater group in Paris, who and what inspired him to write each of his plays, and what life was like for a budding playwright in Paris during the 70's. You will meet a cast of unforgettable people, some extremely famous and others unknown but all remarkable and unique. Fitzgerald's plays are humorous but dark in tone and filled with wit that wounds, delicious irony and dialogue that skewers the vapid beliefs of everyday society. He punctures the hollow pretensions of the middle class and their smug prejudices, coating his criticism with ingenious and irreverent wit from a social, literary and theatrical standpoint. Especially fascinating are the frank and detailed foreshadowing of Fitzgerald's own life that caused him to write each of his plays. You will have the unique opportunity to become acquainted with the real-life people who are the inhabitants of these distinctive plays.FRIEDA: Did you scratch the paint? ... You just push the button, slam the door and leave the keys inside. ... engineering over at the trade school, and he did so well that they snapped him up in the car-repair department at Montgomery Warda#39;s .

Title:Paris Plays
Author:Jack Fitzgerald
Publisher:iUniverse - 2004-03-01


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