Particles on Surfaces: Detection, Adhesion and Removal

Particles on Surfaces: Detection, Adhesion and Removal

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This volume chronicles the proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Particles on Surfaces: Detection, Adhesion and Removal held in Philadelphia, PA, June 2004. The study of particles on surfaces is crucially important in a legion of diverse technological areas, ranging from microelectronics to biomedical to space. This volume contains a total of 21 papers covering many ramifications of particles on surfaces, ranging from detection to removal. All manuscripts were rigorously peer-reviewed and revised, and properly edited before inclusion in this book. The topics covered include: imaging and analysis of macro and nanosize particles and surface features; determination of particles on surfaces; laser inactivation on surfaces; laser-assisted nanofabrication on surfaces; post-CMP cleaning process; pre-gate cleaning; solar panel obscuration in the Martian atmosphere; adhesion and friction of microsized particles; microroughness of textile fibers and capture of particles; factors affecting particle adhesion and removal; various techniques for cleaning or removal of particles from different substrates including laser, combination of laser-induced shockwave and explosive vaporization of liquid, attenuated total internal reflection of laser light, CO2 snow, use of dense phase fluids, use of surfactants and impinging air jet; and removal of sub-100-nm particles.Kash L. Mittal. Ed. K.L. Mittal ... Y. F. LU: L. P. LI, K. K. MENDU, J. SHI, D. W. DOERR and D. R. ALEXANDER Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE 68588-0511, USA Abstracta€”Two laser- assistedanbsp;...

Title:Particles on Surfaces: Detection, Adhesion and Removal
Author:Kash L. Mittal
Publisher:CRC Press - 2006-05-29


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