Pay Here

Pay Here

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Decades in the desert have made reporter Michael Callan hard as a sun-bleached skull. But mutilated migrants and his ex-flame keep causing Callan trouble ... even if they're six feet under. Mix an innocent beauty with a savage one, add an assembly of killers, thugs, and a surgeon. Stir vigorously, and you've got a bloody cocktail-lethal for an Irishman who doesn't drink. This is the first novel by Charles Kelly, an award-winning reporter for the Arizona Republic. His in-depth knowledge of criminals, reporters and the issue of illegal immigration across the Arizona-Mexico border are all perfect fodder for this shocking crime fiction debut.I was driving my Ford with the crumpled right rear bumper, which Ia#39;d been meaning to fix for the past five years or so. ... I had him strapped in so his head wouldna#39;t strike the dashboard. ... into the dull-normal range by the time the Volvo whipped between me and Daly and approached my bumper as I stopped for the red light.

Title:Pay Here
Author:Charles Kelly
Publisher:Wildside Press LLC - 2007-05


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