Pay It Down!

Pay It Down!

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Jean Chatzky has been working with viewers of NBCa€™s Today show for a series on how to get out of debt once and for all. Her method, both on TV and in this book, is simple yet powerful: the key is saving just $10 a day that you currently waste. It doesna€™t sound like mucha€”a movie ticket or lunch for two at McDonalda€™sa€” but $10 really can take you from debt to wealth in just a few years. And because it doesna€™t feel like an impossible goal, people are more likely to stick with Chatzkya€™s plan than an extreme regimen of spending cutbacks. Chatzky is focusing on debt because ita€™s the single biggest threat to our financial health. The average American family has sixteen credit cards and high-rate debt of more than $8000, not even counting car loans and mortgages. They pay more than $1000 a year in interest alone. Debt makes people feel depressed and overwhelmed, leaving them without enough money for the truly important things in lifea€”education, retirement, owning a home, feeling secure. Chatzky, one of Americaa€™s most popular personal finance experts, writes in down- to- earth, woman-next-door language about how to get started right away, without giving up the things that truly give you pleasure. She offers practical, accessible strategies to help readers find the money to pay off their bills, lower their interest rates, and improve their credit scores. Featuring real-life examples of people featured on her Today show series, Pay It Down can transform debtors into future millionaires.Until 2009, I felt very comfortable telling consumers looking for a lower interest rate from their credit card companies simply to ... The Credit CARD Acta€”more commonly called the Credit Cardholdersa#39; Bill of Rights-passed the Senate and the House ... If the minimum payment is not received within sixty days after the due date.

Title:Pay It Down!
Author:Jean Chatzky
Publisher:Penguin - 2009-10-07


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