Peerless Probability Problems & Other Puzzles

Peerless Probability Problems & Other Puzzles

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What makes these puzzles so special? Not only does each one illustrate some of the most classic theories in math, logic, and perception, but theya€™re eye-catching too. Stare at brilliantly hued concentric circles, inspired by the a€œvideo activea€ paintings of the Parisian artist Isia Leviant; if you continue to look long enough, a spinning white blur will appear. Or imagine that you have a drawerful of socks in different colorsa€”7 red, 7 yellow, and 7 green pairs. If you pulled some out in complete darkness, how many would you have to take before youa€™d be sure of having a pair in each color? Or solve word puzzles, paradoxes, and the mystery of the rolling photo cube.What makes these puzzles so special?

Title:Peerless Probability Problems & Other Puzzles
Author:Ivan Moscovich
Publisher:Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. - 2006


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