People, Preferences and Prices

People, Preferences and Prices

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This book explores a variety of topics that fall in the realm of psychological and behavioral economics. It demonstrates to the reader how to perform straightforward experiments in order to understand how people think about the economic aspects of their daily lives. Behavioral economics is a 'hot new area' of economics and consumer psychology. This book provides a comprehensive guide on consumer research and the types of results required. These approaches are spreading further around the globe, thanks to the work of Dr. Howard Moskowitz, one of the authors of this book, and the incredible success of Selling Blue Elephants. In other words, the book is just slightly ahead of a sea change in consumer research, and may be one of the 'tipping points'. (Coincidentally, Malcolm Gladwell, the bestselling author, is a great admirer of Dr. Moskowitz)Credit. Cards, . Co-Branding, . and. Stuff. Eugene. Galanter1, . Howard. Moskowitz2. and. Matthias. Silcher2 ... Instead of blasting out offers to individuals who may or may not care, look for prospects who are somehow affiliated with the credit card issuer. 2. ... Significant reductions in what one expects to pay for a product or an experience. ... out what he or she wanted, the storekeeper would put the item aside (so-called layaway plan), the two parties would come up with a payment plan.

Title:People, Preferences and Prices
Author:Eugene Galanter, Howard Moskowitz, Matthias Silcher
Publisher:Bentham Science Publishers - 2011-01-01


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