Perceiving in Depth, Volume 1

Perceiving in Depth, Volume 1

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qThe proposed three volumes are the latest installment in Ian Howard's amazing ongoing project of providing the most comprehensive review available anywhereof all aspects of how humans and animals perceive and navigate the three-dimensional world. The current book set is even more complete in its coverage than the two previous editions have been. With 37 chapters, 1800 illustrations, and 8, 000 references, it covers psychophysics, coding, physiology, development of systems and functions, results of deprivation, accommodation, physiology of disparity, binocular fusion and rivalry, binocular correspondence and the horopter, linking binocular images, cyclopean perception, stereo acuity, uses of disparity, stereopsis and perceptual organization, the Pulfrich effect, stereoscopic techniques and applications, distinguishing depth from vergence, perspective, shading, and motion parallax, constancies in visual depth perception, cue integrations, motion in depth, pathology of visual depth perception, animal depth perception, feeling, reaching, and moving, auditory distance perception, electrolocation and the thermal senses, as well as comprehensive coverage of animal navigation that could be a book on its own. Ian Howard's books have become landmarks in the field of vision science, and this current project will definitely maintain the tradition for researchers in space perception, visual neuroscience, ophthalmology, optometry, visual development, animal vision, and computational visionq--... on the accuracy of a population code Neural Comput 11 91a€“101 [4.2.5a] Abbott LF, Sejnowski TJ (1999) Neural codes and distributed ... Humphrey NK, Warrington EK (1974) Lasting effects ofearly blindness A case studyQuartJExp Psychol 26 114a€“24 [8.1.3] Adams DL, ... PB (1995a) Accommodation to monochromatic and white-light targets Invest Ophthal Vis Sci 36 2695a€“705 [9.8. 2d] Aggarwala KR, anbsp;...

Title:Perceiving in Depth, Volume 1
Author:Ian P. Howard, Brian J. Rogers
Publisher:OUP USA - 2012-02-24


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