Persuaded by the Evidence

Persuaded by the Evidence

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True Stories of Faith, Science, a the Power of a Creator A unique and interesting collection of true stories from Christians - each sharing his personal journey to find the biblical truth of a six-day creation! From scientists in the midst of complex research to youth ministers, and more, see how each began at a different point and place in his life to question the supposed truth of evolution and how faith and actual evidence led to his embracing a creation-based, biblical world-view. In their testimonies, you will read about their search for answers, often unavailable through their school, their church, or scientific knowledge - and how the discoveries they made have shaped their faith and changed their lives. Seeking answers for yourself? Discover the powerful truths these individuals now share - and find yourself also persuaded by the evidence! Contributors include: Carl Kerby, Curt Sewell, Dr. Walter T. Brown, Dr. Raymond Damadian, Frank Sherwin, and more! Stories Focus on: Powerful testimonies of the concept of a creator Discovering creation truths within scientific careers Understanding the relevance of Genesis to your personal faith Finding answers to life's toughest questions through understanding Genesis Appreciating the powerful influence of creation believers and scholars Features a qFounding Fathers of Creationismq special section focused on Dr. Henry Morris, Dr. John Whitcomb, Dr. Andrew Snelling, and more. Special spotlight! Short biography of Dr. Mortimer Adler, chairman of the board of editors of Encyclopedia Britannica for many yearswas brought up in a Christian home and heard all the Bible stories from a childrena#39;s Bible a number of times. ... Engineers learn to design and to appreciate design (and never leave matter or energy on its own to develop into something useful by chance). ... but not realizing that the Bible stipulated only thousands of years for all of creation, it did not add to my doubts at that stage. I always liked reading, and articles on the science of origins, apemen, and the like especially interested me.

Title:Persuaded by the Evidence
Author:Dr. Jerry Bergman, Doug Sharp
Publisher:New Leaf Publishing Group - 2008-08-01


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