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What if bacteria turned all the gasoline in Los Angeles into vinegar? Carmageddon doesn't begin to describe it. PETROPLAGUE does. Christina GonzAilez expected her research to change the world. But not like this. The UCLA graduate student wanted to use biotechnology to free America from its dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Instead, an act of eco-terrorism unleashes her genetically-modified bacteria into the fuel supply of Los Angeles, turning gasoline into vinegar. With the city paralyzed and slipping toward anarchy, Christina must find a way to rein in the microscopic monster she created. But not everyone wants to cure the petroplaguea€”and some will do whatever it takes to spread it. From the La Brea Tar Pits to university laboratories to the wilds of the Angeles National Forest, Christina and her cousin River struggle against enemies seen and unseen to stop the infection before it's too late. ______ qAmy Rogers is the crisp, haunting new voice of science thrillers. If you think global warming is scary, wait till you read PETROPLAGUE.q Norb Vonnegut, author of The Gods of Greenwich qPETROPLAGUE is a terrific thriller debut and Amy Rogers really knows her science. From a killer premise--scientists create a bacterium that stops the industrial world in its tracks--PETROPLAGUE ratchets up the tension and danger with every chapter. The tense, tight plot and interesting characters kept me reading late into the night...Amy Rogers is one to watch--I can't wait for her next book.q Paul McEuen, author of international bestselling science thriller SPIRAL qPETROPLAGUE has earned a spot in the top five on my best of 2011 list. Amy uses her extensive science background and research connections to create an intense thriller that balances technology with well-defined, likeable, and believable characters.q ThrillersRockTwitter book review qCompellingly written, technically author who knows her way around hydrocarbons--from the lightest methane to the heaviest La Brea tar sands--and who also treats her readers to freshly-drawn characters...q L. A. Starks, amazon reviewer and author of 13 Days: The Pythagoras ConspiracyChristina stared out the window of the little X-car as Dr. Chen drove past a vacant lot and an unkempt auto repair shop ... state of decay, except for an array of new- looking cars bearing logos for various government agencies parked in front.

Author:Amy Rogers
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-10-01


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