Pharmaceutical Bioassays

Pharmaceutical Bioassays

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The definitive compendium of bioassay procedures and applications A virtual encyclopedia of key bioassay protocols, this up-to-date, essential resource reviews the methods and applications of bioassays that quantify drug activity and evaluate the validity of pharmacological models. Demonstrating the specific ways in which various pharmaceutical bioassays interpret the activity of drug molecules, the book covers the evaluation and screening of drug compounds in a wide spectrum of therapeutic categories. Throughout, the authors use various models to link experimental observations with findings that clarify the effect of drug compounds on cellular biology and measure the pharmacological activity of chemical substances. This provides an important technological platform for successful drug research and clinical therapy, making Pharmaceutical Bioassays an ideal sourcebook for pharmacologists, pharmaceutical and medical researchers, analytical chemists, toxicologists, and students. Just as a fundamental knowledge of pharmaceutical bioassays is vital to understanding how bioactive agents and new drugs are defined, discovered, and developed, so too is this indispensable reference, which: Offers a complete reference on pharmaceutical bioassays and their specific applications in the assessment of therapies for cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, epilepsy, inflammation, antimalarials, pharmacogenomics, and other major therapeutic areas Covers bioassays that measure toxicity, including those for chemical toxicity and hepatoxicitya€”a particularly significant consideration in the development of safe and tolerable medications Highlights clinically relevant methods, ideas, and techniques to support any pharmaceutical researcher Suggests guidelines and systems to enhance communication between pharmacologists, chemists, and biologists Provides an informative analysis of pharmaceutical bioassay technologies and lab applicationsUsing a spectrophotometer at 734 nm, the absorbance of ABTS reagent was with 95% ethanol adjusted to 0.70 i 0.05. ... Brains of SD rats were dissected, homogenized with a Polytron in ice-cold Tris-HCl buffer (20 mM, pH 7.4), the produced 1:2 ... complex in the supernatant was measured at 532 nm using a spectrophotometer (Spectronic Genesys, Milton Roy Co., Ivyland, PA, USA) for its absorbance.

Title:Pharmaceutical Bioassays
Author:Shiqi Peng, Ming Zhao
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2009-12-09


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