PHIGS programming manual

PHIGS programming manual

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A complete and authoritative guide to PHIGS and PHIGS PLUS programming, this book documents the PHIGS and PHIGS PLUS graphics standards and provides full guidance regarding the use of PHIGS within the X environment. The discussions of PHIGS and PHIGS PLUS are fully integrated in this text, which takes as its starting point the PEX Sample Implementation (or PEX-SI)---the publicly available and most widely established base for commercial PHIGS products. In addition, the qPHIGS Programming Manual explains, at both elementary and advanced levels, how to integrate your PHIGS applications with standard X (Xlib) functions. Window management, event handling, input-output, even lower-level drawing functions---all of these can be made part of your PHIGS programs. Besides Xlib itself, there are detailed examples and explanations based on the Motif, OLIT, and XView toolkits. The qPHIGS Programming Manual: Offers a clear and comprehensive introduction to PHIGS: output primitives, attributes, color, structure, and all you need to know to begin writing PHIGS programs.Offers technical know-how. Author Tom Gaskins has for many years been an implementor of PHIGS and is also a key contributor to the international PHIGS standardization efforts.Shows how to use PHIGS in your X Window System applicationsIllustrates the concepts of PHIGS and PHIGS PLUS with over 200 figures.Clearly explains the subtleties of viewing, lighting, and shading, complete with practical code examples, each of them modular and simple to understand, but virtually none of them merely a qtoyq program.Includes the DIS ISO C binding, the closest in existence to the coming ISO standard.Demonstrates the use of PHIGS and PHIGS PLUS ininteractive programs, so that you can do more than merely display pictures.Fully describes all the PHIGS and PHIGS PLUS functions.Has a companion reference manual. Taken together, these books are the only documentation you'll need for a product that is changing the way the X world thinks about graphics. Whether you are starting out in 3D graphics programming or are a seasoned veteran looking for an authoritative work on a fast-rising 3D graphics standard, this book will serve your purposes well.I iwFAr4agt; mm r+rm*% C I lUI/WlUHUlf l/Ulb jAlalt;llllj All workstation types fall into one of five categories: PCAT_OUT IN A workstation with both output and (PHIGS) input ... We have done the former in all this booka#39;s examples that use X input.

Title:PHIGS programming manual
Author:Tom Gaskins
Publisher:O'Reilly Media - 1992-02-08


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