Philosophical Essays concerning Human Families

Philosophical Essays concerning Human Families

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In Philosophical Essays concerning Human Families, Stanley Vodraska describes a principle of moral practice that he calls a€œthe principle of familial preference.a€ In ordinary circumstances, a moral agent should persistently provide preferential treatment to members of his or her family and should not pursue the good of extra-familial persons to such an extent as to disadvantage or neglect his or her family. The essays uncover this principle in human practices of love or charity, mercy, justice, and prudence, and measure its weight in religion, moral philosophy, and the political order.It would seem that the Aristotelian magnanimous man could be neither a good parent to his children nor a good husband to his spouse. It would seem that, on my accounts of parental and domestic justice, the Aristotelian magnanimous man anbsp;...

Title:Philosophical Essays concerning Human Families
Author:Stanley Vodraska
Publisher:University Press of America - 2014-08-01


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