Phylogensesis of Beauty

Phylogensesis of Beauty

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Phylogenesis of beauty by Pietro Gaietto is a scientific treatise on the origins and general evolutionary outcome of beauty, from the beginning of the world to the present. Beauty has never before been the object of scientific study, nor has its evolution. Gaietto has integrated human products, including art, into the general evolution of beauty in nature, noting that man's object follow the same rules of evolutionary transformation found in organic and inorganic physical forms. Gaietto's hypothesis on the transformation of beauty concerns all the kingdoms of nature as they have appeared in chronological order from the earliest geological ages, and as discovered by geologists, paleontologists, and paletnologists. The book's scientific analysis of beauty in human artifacts excludes questions of quality, even if they exist, as well as the idea of ugliness, because man intentionally produces only beautiful things.The imitation of plants is not entirely invented in this sample, but it has noticeable variations, typical of the artistic style of the civilization ... In the present day there is intensive cultivation of decorative plants for gardens and interior decorating.

Title:Phylogensesis of Beauty
Author:Pietro Gaietto - 2014-04-25


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