Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures

Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures

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The book contains impressive results obtained in the XX-th century and discussion of next challenges of the XXI-st century in understanding of the nanoworld. The main sections of the book are: (1) Physics of Nanostructures, (2) Chemistry of Nanostructures, (3) Nanotechnology, (4) nanostructure Based Devices. Contents:Physics of Nanostructures:Polarons in Quantum Wells (A I Bibik et al.)Screening of Extra Point Charge in a Few Particle Coulomb System (N A Poklonski et al.)Electric Field Effect on Absorption Spectra of an Ensemble of Close-Packed CdSe Nanocrystals (L I Gurinovich et al.)Influence of Surface Phases on Electrical Conductivity of Silicon Surface (D A Tsukanov et al.)Chemistry of Nanostructures:Formation of Ultradisperse Bimetallic Particles by Redox Processes in Aqueous Solutions (Yu A Fedutik et al.)Fast Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy for Nanochemistry and Nanophysics (G A Ragoisha a A S Bondarenko)Features of Luminescent Semiconductor Nanowire Array Formation by Electrodeposition into Porous Alumina (S A Gavrilov et al.)Nanotechnology:Massively Parallel Atomic Lines on Silicon Carbide (P Soukiassian)Advancing Magnetic Force Microscopy (I Fedorov et al.)Porous Silicon as a Material for Enhancement of Electron Field Emission (A A Evtukh et al.)Nanostructure Based Devices:A New Multipeak Resonant Tunneling Diode for Signal Processing Application (A N Kholod et al.)Long Term Charge Relaxation in Silicon Single Electron Transistors (A Savin et al.)Resonant Tunneling Through an Array of Quantum Dots Coupled to Superconductors Under the Effect of Magnetic Field (A N Mina)and other papers Readership: Undergraduates, PhD students and researchers in nanotechnology. Keywords:... A 1x10aquot; 4 1.6x10* 950 0.11 0.89 1800 Re-7100 A…. 5 RDE so not applicable 0.33 () Within depletion region the surface to the edge of the depletion ... Schematic of the BFeSix/Silight emitting device fabricated by IBS [24] (a) and RDE [25] (b).

Title:Physics, Chemistry and Application of Nanostructures
Author:V E Borisenko, S V Gaponenko, V S Gurin
Publisher:World Scientific - 2001-04-02


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