Physics in the Nigerian Kitchen

Physics in the Nigerian Kitchen

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With food as the centerpiece of fellowship with family, neighbors, and friends, the Nigerian kitchen is warm, happy, and full of drama. And so it is with a great love for fellowship and food that Nigerian husband and wife team Deji and Iswat Badiru share a variety of ethnic recipes pulled together over years of cooking, eating, and savoring their culturea€™s traditional food. The Badirus, who love experimenting with food as much as tasting their creations, rely on their years of experience in the Nigerian kitchen to offer an intriguing and informative glimpse into a culture where food is not only embraced, but also worshipped in some areas. While sharing a unique, behind-the scenes look into the food preparation process and the science of transforming ingredients, they also offer tips on healthy eating practices, proper cooking techniques, and effective management of projects in the kitchen. Included are many delicious recipes such as fried plantain and fried egg, cassava grits, okra soup with meat, and meat pie. Physics in the Nigerian Kitchen is a unique guide to cooking African fare that provides encouragement and valuable information for anyone interested in cultivating a joy and love for food, friends, and family in their own kitchen.The Science, the Art, and the Recipes Deji Badiru and Iswat Badiru ... Grilling a hamburger directly overhot coals is cooking mostly with radiant heat with the exception of the parts touching the hot grates. ... Hot oil, as a medium of convection heat transfer is more effective than using hot air becauseoilis denserthan air anditanbsp;...

Title:Physics in the Nigerian Kitchen
Author:Deji Badiru and Iswat Badiru
Publisher:iUniverse - 2013-01-21


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