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Physiology: The Ovary, Volume II, Second Edition provides an account of the principal aspects of ovarian development, structure and function. The book presents information derived from experimental and chemical studies of the ovary. The articles in the text discuss topics on the control of ovarian development in invertebrates; transplantation of the ovary; ovarian endocrine activities; the relationship of the ovary and the nervous system to behavior; and the nature of environmental variables that alter ovarian function. Physiologists, obstetricians, physicians, and students of medicine will find the book a good reference material.... A. H., 482, 495 Kubota, J., 35, 51 Kuehn, R. E., 410, 448 Kuhlmann, D., 13, 54 Kuhn, N.J., 354, 387 Kulkarni, A. P., 27, 54 Kullander, S., 103, 108, I25 Kulseng- Hanssen, K., 322, 387 Kumarasamy, T., 134, I79 Kumari, L., 285, 311 Kummer, H., anbsp;...

Author:Solomon Zuckerman, Barbara J. Weir
Publisher:Academic Press - 2013-10-22


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