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Currently, phytotechnology planting techniques are employed post site contamination to help clean up already contaminated soil by taking advantage of the positive effects that plants can have upon harmful toxins and chemicals. This book presents a new concept to create planting designs with preventative phytotechnology abilities pre-contamination, a€˜phyto-bufferinga€™ where future pollution may be expected with particular site programs. This is the first book to address the benefits of phytotechnologies from a design point of view, taking complex scientific terms and chemical equations and creating an easy to understand reference book for those involved in creating planting solutions. Filled with tables, photographs and detailed drawings, Kirkwood and Kennan guide the reader through the process of selecting plants for their environmental benefits as well as their aesthetic qualities.Auto-Repair. Shops: Phytotypologies. to. Address. Contaminants. Stabilization Mat Green Roof Degradation Bosque Phytoirrigation 4.3 4.4 4.12 4.7 4.1 Living Fence 4.8 ... Stormwater vector Green Roof species not included in this publication.

Author:Niall Kirkwood, Kate Kennen
Publisher:Routledge - 2015-05-01


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