Pictures of the Body

Pictures of the Body

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In a wide-ranging argument moving from Sumerian demons to Lucian Freud, from Syriac prayer books to John Carpentera€™s film The Thing, this book explores the ways the body has been represented through time. A response to the vertiginous increase in writings on bodily representations, it attempts to form a single coherent account of the possible forms of representation of the body. The conceptual binding is provided by the idea of pain, understood as the set of images that elicit visceral, nonverbal, or uncognized responses, and the realm of metamorphosis, meaning the images that provoke intellection and, in particular, thoughts of change and concepts of alterity or representation. The author shows how pain and metamorphosis have animated and ordered the vast range of images that have been produced in Western representation, and he argues that pain and metamorphosis continue to be generative concepts even amid the welter of todaya€™s new forms. This work brings together concerns, images, and concepts from a wide range of perspectives: art history and criticism, the history and philosophy of medicine, the history of race, phenomenological and post-phenomenological thought, studies of feminism and pornography, and the new interest in visual studies. Yet it is less a philosophera€™s look at history or a historiana€™s foray into philosophy than a practical and critical look at the current constellation of art practices. Above all, it is intended to be of immediate use in the conceptualization and production of visual art and its history.Antique coins, Camper reports, show at least 90 degrees and always less than 100 degrees. As the diagram indicates, Camper measures other dimensions of the head, and he makes variable use of them when it comes to ... Some of Campera#39;s craniometric measurements have become standard parts of physical anthropology texts, and even today the ... Males 406.1 + (0.000365 x length75 x breadth76 x auricular height77) Females 206.6 + (0.0004 x length x breadth x auricularanbsp;...

Title:Pictures of the Body
Author:James Elkins
Publisher:Stanford University Press - 1999-01-01


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