Pimpin' Red Carpet Style

Pimpin' Red Carpet Style

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PIMPIN GYPSY, a.k.a. SUCCESS was STATEWIDE, and at the top of his game. He had what Pimps, Playas and Robbers would have died for. Vini, a wealthy trick, was clipped for cash day one by Dana, who had chose Gypsy over her chili pimp. Vini being caught-up in hookers fast pace was trying to set-up a wine and dine. Vini later paid cash to another working girl to unite him back with Dana and make it happen. GYPSY gave her the confidence and skills to get big time cash from him. Later he set-up their marriage with no knowledge about the mobster brother. He found out the hard way. The life threatening stand-off was and undertakers dream about to unfold. This book will teach you and keep you turning pages with live game, sex, money schemes, mayhem, murders and suspense all the way through. It will also explain misunderstandings, rules and regulations that were never explained to be understood. It'll not doubt be a reference to all Pimps, Playas and Macks throughout the globe.Mercedes was on her way home as she drove her Honda Prelude which ran well as she noticed right away. ... She got out the white Honda and went to the front door key in hand. ... Her soft leather boots added to the leather twist she was working. She was in all white The newspaper said basically the same as the news and was quite as clear on up coming information. ... Ia#39;m all yours.a€ a€œWell wea#39; ll see about that wona#39;t we?a€ a€œYes we will, a€ replied Mercedes as she stood in the mirroranbsp;...

Title:Pimpin' Red Carpet Style
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-07-16


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