Pioneering the Possible

Pioneering the Possible

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Three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Scilla Elworthy, a realist with 40 years' experience at the sharp end of politics and conflict, presents a bold but realistic vision for the future in Pioneering the Possible. Human beings worldwide are anxious, afraid for their children's futures, dissatisfied by their lives, but unsure what to do. Our global ecosystems and supply chains are under threat and our leaders appear to have failed us. Pioneering the Possible addresses these anxieties head-on by envisioning a future that could work for everyone, rich and poor, demonstrating with real-life examples how that future is already emerging. Pioneering the Possible tackles the deeply embedded 20th-century values that get in the way of addressing global problems, and shows how these destructive values can bea€”and are beinga€”reversed. We know the world is in crisis: we are spoiling our planet at such a rate that soon it may be unable to sustain human life. This crisis is in fact a vast opportunity, because a secure and satisfying future for all of humanity is perfectly possible if we make the right choices. But building such a future will require the leap in consciousness that Einstein indicated when he said, qNo problem can be solved from the consciousness that created it.q Pioneering the Possible investigates what this new consciousness is and takes us to meet the leaders who have learned to apply it. With profiles of individuals who exemplify transformative leadership such as Dr. Desmond Tutu and Aung San Suu Kyi, Dr. Elworthy demonstrates how anyone can develop the magnificent inner power to build their own personal contribution to the future and become a 21st-century pioneer of what's possible. The book then contrasts the value systems that underpin our current decisions with the kind of values that would enable us to make better choicesa€”those that could get us out of the mess we're in. To envision the kind of future that is possiblea€”a lift-off into life as it could bea€”Elworthy calls on some experienced specialists to look through their telescopes into the future, then brings in the pragmatists who know what to do in their fields, because they've done it, tested it, and made it work. Pioneering the Possible ultimately helps you find your unique way to be useful; as Dr. Elworthy says, qto discover your mission and put it into actiona€”instead of worrying on the sidelinesa€”is to find peace of mind and a heart full of love.q From the Trade Paperback€‹article/a€‹earth-a€‹talks-a€‹daily-a€‹destruction. 2. Adapted from Dr. Vandana Shiva, a€œThe Uttarakhand Disaster: A Wake Call to Stop the Rape of Our Fragile Himalaya, a€ June 24, 2013. 3. Vandana Shiva, a€œFrom Seeds of Suicideto Seeds of anbsp;...

Title:Pioneering the Possible
Author:Scilla Elworthy
Publisher:North Atlantic Books - 2014-10-07


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