Planet Simpson

Planet Simpson

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Astute, funny, literate, politically and culturally aware; in this analysis of The Simpsons, Chris Turner, a provocative new writer, dissects the world's favourite TV show - its genesis, past, characters and influence. Bart, Homer and Marge have entered the lexicon of iconic, global characters. Bart has the highest recognition factor amongst kids in the UK a US, way above that of Harry Potter. The British voted it their favourite TV programme ever. The Archbishop of Canterbury called it 'one of the most subtle pieces of propaganda around in the cause of sense, humility and virtue.' Yet The Simpsons is thoroughly subversive and irreverent. Bringing the savvy insight to The Simpsons that has been brought to publishing on global politics, the internet and the fast-food industry, Chris Turner looks at how teh programme is created and the unique two-way relationship of inspiration and influence it has with the real world. From Marge and moral values to Lisa and the environment, from Homer and consumerism to Citizen Burns and corporate villainy - this is the first book to be written that is as intelligent, subversive, wide-ranging and funny as the show itself.... Hindi film Apu shows The Simpsons a€“ it made every Indian critica#39;s Top 400 list, but for Homer ita#39;s mostly about the funny clothes .... Japan also serves as the departure point for one of the finest, funniest foreign-culture riffs in The Simpsonsa#39; run: the Mr Sparkle subplot in Episode 4F18 (a#39;In Marge We Trusta#39;). ... and eventually agrees to send Homer something that will a#39;answer question, hundred per cent!

Title:Planet Simpson
Author:Chris Turner
Publisher:Random House - 2012-05-31


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