Planning Democracy

Planning Democracy

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Late in the 1930s, the U.S. Department of Agriculture set up a national network of local organizations that joined farmers with public administrators, adult-educators, and social scientists. The aim was to localize and unify earlier New Deal programs concerning soil conservation, farm production control, tenure security, and other reforms, and by 1941 some 200, 000 farm people were involved. Even so, conservative antia€“New Dealers killed the successful program the next year. This book reexamines the eraa€™s agricultural policy and tells the neglected story of the New Deal agrarian leaders and their visionary ideas about land, democratization, and progressive social change.Despite the varied types of American farmers, their shared core problems of a€œ prices, markets, and credits, a€ or debt, created a rela- tively homogeneous ... One supporter wrote that he was a€œnot a communist, anarchist, or socialist as some are charging. ... Drawing explicitly on Veblen, Commons, and the historian Charles Beard, he specified the a€œrevolutionary results of the evo- a€ or a€œcommercial capitalism.

Title:Planning Democracy
Author:Jess Gilbert
Publisher:Yale University Press - 2015-04-28


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