Playing with Fire

Playing with Fire

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Shea€™ll never stop loving the boy he was, or the man hea€™s become Beth Garcia grew up chasing after her older brother David and his best friend, Juan, dreaming of a day Juan would see her as someone other than Davida€™s little sister. When Juan joined a gang and disappeared, she thought her chance was gone. Now Juana€™s back, and the gentle boy she once knew is a hardened man, pushing her away. But Beth sees the spark of desire in his eyes, and she vows to fight for a love she was once denied. He betrayed her once to save his lifea€”hea€™ll betray her again to save hers As a teen, Juan Martinez lost everythinga€”his family, his home, the only life hea€™d ever known. Alone and desperate, he turned to a violent gang for protection. But when you sell your soul to the devil, you pay a heavy price. Juan served hard time, and now, out on parole, he only wants to disappeara€”from the gang, from memories of better times, and especially from the gorgeous woman who captured his heart all those years ago. Because being with Beth means dragging her into his dangerous pasta€”and Juana€™s past isna€™t done with him yet. To escape his past, theya€™ll have to create an even more powerful future As their passion ignites, Juan and Beth are faced with a threat that could destroy it all: Juana€™s former gang wants him back, and they wona€™t take no for an answer. Forced to confront living a life he hates to save the woman he loves, Juan feels helpless yet again. But this time, he has Beth, and she wona€™t give up the only love shea€™s ever known. Shea€™ll fight to the end to save the man who may not know how to save himself. This national bestseller was originally published as Buried. a€œSelena Laurence has the ability to bring to life complex characters you instantly start rooting for from page one. Passion, humor, and a sexy hero all make for one read you dona€™t want to miss.a€ a€”New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Ilsa Madden-MillsIa#39;m a convicted violent felon with a history of gang involvement that goes back to before my eighteenth birthday. I dona#39;t have a real high school diploma and no job experience beyond the lawn mowing and soccer coaching I did in high school. ... And if youa#39;re on the run from the RH, it had better be a job off the books and out of sight as well. ... dona#39;t answer verbally. ... The neighbors. Sixth grade through eleventh grade. I mowed grass with a machine that I pushed. 2. Soccer coach.

Title:Playing with Fire
Author:Selena Laurence
Publisher:Beyond The Page - 2015-10-07


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