Plugged-In Parenting

Plugged-In Parenting

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Plugged-In Parenting comes at a time when parents find themselves between a rock and a hard place. They want to protect their children from the increasingly violent and sexualized content of movies, TV, the Internet, and music as well as cyberbullying and obsessive cell phone texting. But they fear that simply a€œlaying down the lawa€ will alienate their kids. Can parents stay connected to the media while staying connected to God and to each other? This book makes a powerful case for teaching kids media discernment, but doesna€™t stop there. It shows how to use teachable moments, evidence from research and pop culture, Scripture, questions, parental example, and a written family entertainment constitution to uphold biblical standards without damaging the parent-child relationship.Click on a€œLibrarya€ and ita#39;ll display all the songs on your sona#39;s iPod. But dona#39;t use this method exclusively. If your child wants to keep you in the dark, there are ways to beat the system. After he downloads music to his iPod, he can simply deleteanbsp;...

Title:Plugged-In Parenting
Author:Bob Waliszewski
Publisher:Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. - 2011-10-14


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