Plumb Bob

Plumb Bob

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This book is about my time in the plumbing field. I worked in the plumbing trade for forty years, starting as a young apprentice in high school. I worked in all phases of the plumbing trade, and this book deals with how it was for me to serve my time in the trenches and progress to eventually become a master plumber. The book deals with a lot of situations that a plumber is exposed to every day, such as ditches, filth, chemicals, machinery, harmful liquids and gasses, and a lot of other items that will ruin your day. It also includes stories about memorable days that I had and about interesting characters that I was exposed to. I have also included my thoughts about the plumbing trade and how I perceive the future of the plumbing and construction trades in general.Well on this day the shop sent me out to help a guy I had never worked with before. He was remodeling a house south of the town that I lived in. There were a lot of other trades that were also on the job. Each one had his own personal truck.

Title:Plumb Bob
Author:James E Houck
Publisher:America Star Books - 2007-11-12


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