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The perfect romantic makeover story about an every-girl whose dream comes true . . . Beatrice Wilson is our lovable Cinderella, who just got dumped by her very first boyfriend and put on twenty-five pounds. But then she?s discovered as a plus model. In the eyes of pop culture, Bee is Jessica Alba and then some! Now she must vanquish skinny rivals, fend off sleazy photogs, and banish jealous frenemies in her rise to superstardom. All the while, she?s torn between her first love and the surprisingly sincere up-and-coming rapper she tutors in calculus. But what?s better than finding your prince charming? Finally learning to love yourself!The simple, Ikea-style living room had been transformed into a fashion shoot dressing room. Ia#39;d heard the ... a€œWardrobe first, a€ Elsie said, leading me over to the racks of clothes. a€œHow did ... a€œNow, what were you planning on wearing?a€ I went toanbsp;...

Author:Veronica Chambers
Publisher:Penguin - 2010-08-05


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