Point Man

Point Man

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The point man leads the patrol into battle, looking for signs of danger. He is the first to face ambushes, hidden bombs and snipers. Few survive for long. Between 2007 and 2008, 20-year-old Kenny Meighan was the longest-serving point man in Helmand province. An exceptionally skilful and brave private, he was lucky to make it home alive. But in his hometown in Essex, where prospects are bleak and his father still suffers from the nightmares of his own war experience, Kenny's struggle is far from over.A large battery lay at an angle with a coil of eight coloured wires connecting it to a detonator. They had been briefed on the arachnid device: a sophisticated bomb thought to have originated in Iran and operated by remote control, usually a mobile phone. A call or text would ... If the spider had detonated, the blast would have neatly removed his arms and legs. a#39;But hell, I ... A vivid imagination could torture you with the nagging feeling that something dreadful was forever about to occur.

Title:Point Man
Author:Mark Townsend
Publisher:Faber & Faber - 2012-04-03


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