Political Communication in American Campaigns

Political Communication in American Campaigns

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In Political Communication in American Campaigns, Joseph S. Tuman provides a comprehensive, clear, and accessible treatment of American campaign rhetoric and argues that modern elections are not really about contests between candidates or political parties; rather, they are more about the competing messages each player in the political process must present to persuade and reach voters.. This book's triangulated approach to political communication includes (1) all forms of campaign speech and oratory; (2) the rhetorical dimensions of campaign debates; and (3) candidate/campaign interaction with mass media. Key Features Allows readers to deconstruct and understand how and why speeches affect voters: Offers methods for understanding how political speeches are constructed and targeted, as well as how to apply these methodologies to a variety of campaign oratories. Provides a comprehensive and entertaining explanation of the history of campaign debates in the United States: A historical description of the evolution of political campaign helps situate modern debates within the context of specific mass media strategies and tactics employed by campaigns. Reflects how changes in mass media have now influenced how campaigns communicate messages to voters: Explores the relationship between campaigns and mass media, with an emphasis on paid and free media, and addresses the contemporary intersection of campaign Web sites and blogs with campaign main messages, fundraising, manipulating news coverage and creating ads. Offers an insider's view of how campaigns worka€”and how news media coverage of campaigns works: The book is written with additional insights from the author's experiences as a political consultant and as a political analyst for news media. Presents contemporary examples that all readers will understand: Real-life case studies of debates from both state and national elections; all forms of campaign oratories; and mass mediated campaigns. Intended Audience This text is designed for advanced courses dealing with such topics as political communication, media a politics, presidential rhetoric, and persuasion, as found in departments of communication, media studies, and political science.Parliamentary rules for procedure governing activity, including debate, was something brought to these shores by the pilgrims, and these rules ... a practical model for parliamentary procedure to be used in all legislative bodies; his document was known as Jeffersona#39;s Manual. ... Roberta#39;s Rules of Order, an enormously influential work that has been modified many times since then, but is still in use today.

Title:Political Communication in American Campaigns
Author:Joseph S. Tuman
Publisher:SAGE Publications - 2007-10-19


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