Political Terrorism

Political Terrorism

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The salient feature of this book is its comprehensive but concise approach to the field of terrorism - particularly its causes and effects - and the application of this information to selected case studies. qPolitical Terrorism: An Interdisciplinary Approachq is easy to read and designed to answer common questions asked by undergraduate and graduate students without prior exposure to the study of terrorism. This book is accessible to practitioners (those individuals working, or aspiring to work, in the fields of criminal justice and national security) and policymakers in the counterterrorism field as well as members of the mass media covering stories on terrorism. qPolitical Terrorismq is sensitive to the global ramifications of terrorism and the responses to it. This book maintains a balance between realism and sensationalism and offers a more comprehensive understanding of the causes and effects of terrorism than do most other texts. qPolitical Terrorism qintegrates scholarly analysis with current events by relying on recent media accounts and information gathered by responsible news outlets. The text features end-of-chapter questions as well as -exhibit- boxes that provide background details on items of interest to students and instructors.q... 1993, Ramzi Yousef and his accomplice Mohammad Salameh, members of the al Qaeda terrorist organization, drove a rented Ford Econoline van laden ... It was a primitive bomb with a long fuse, but it managed to ignite and explode at midday , and the explosion was powerful enough to destroy five floors of the building directly above it and short out all electricity in the structure (Reeve 1999, 11-12).

Title:Political Terrorism
Author:Jeffrey Ian Ross
Publisher:Peter Lang - 2006-01-01


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