Politics in India

Politics in India

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Providing a comprehensive analysis of the broad spectrum of Indiaa€™s politics, this undergraduate textbook explains the key features of politics in India in a comparative and accessible narrative, illustrated with relevant maps, life stories, statistics and opinion data. Familiar concepts of comparative politics are used to highlight the policy process, with a focus on anti-poverty measures, liberalisation of the economy, nuclearisation and relations with the United States and Asian neighbours such as Pakistan and China. The author raises several key questions relevant to Indian politics, including: a€c Why has India succeeded in making a relatively peaceful transition from colonial rule to a resilient, multi-party democracy in contrast to her neighbours? a€c How has the interaction of modern politics and traditional society contributed to the resilience of post-colonial democracy? a€c How did Indiaa€™s economy a€“ moribund for several decades following independence a€“ make a breakthrough into rapid growth, and, can India sustain it? a€c And finally, why have collective identity and nationhood emerge as the core issue of India in the 21st century? Introducing the novice to India, this accessible, genuinely comparative account of Indiaa€™s political evolution also engages the expert in a deep contemplation of the nature of strategic manoeuvring within Indiaa€™s domestic and international context. In addition to pedagogical features such as text boxes, a set of further readings is provided as a to guide readers who wish to go beyond the remit of this text.However, the predictions have not come true, as seen in Diagram 1.1. ... power that underpins classic works of political theory such as the Arthasastra or the Mahabharata might come across as a surprise. ... Max Weber, one of the leading exponents of this view, held caste as the a#39;transmission belta#39; between the a#39; speculativeanbsp;...

Title:Politics in India
Author:Subrata K. Mitra
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-07-26


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