Polluto 8

Polluto 8

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This issue we're entering into the unknown and the otherworldly, exploring strange worlds and stranger beings--not to mention the twisted, terrifying depths of some of the weirdest authors' minds. Subversive and thought provoking? Yes. Crazy as a box of Buck Roger's Intergalactic Fruit Loops? Most definitely. Dark, dreamy, and disgustingly depraved? Would it really be Polluto if it wasn't? Aliens, monsters, gods, dreams and nightmares; sex and transformation; strange worlds and the search for truth; death, blood and violence; the future of humanity; astrophobia, metatronians, sphere serpents and zombie amazons. Prepare for the unexpected . . . and remember, in space no-one can hear you dream.She was small (functionally so, as an assassin model) and waish with pale skin, a Sony tattoo on the back of her neck ... a€œLook, Billy, I dona#39;t wanna tell you how to live your Ah! life, but have you ever tried wiring up your brain to the lolcat sites?

Title:Polluto 8
Author:Rachel Kendall
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2011-10


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