Pop Music Theory

Pop Music Theory

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The study of popular music composition is a new field in which the standard rules of traditional music theory do not apply. Learn how to write top 40 hits in every style from alternative rock to country pop. Discover the way chords are constructed and used in pop music, the Nashville numbers system and the role of scales in pop music harmony. Learn how to arrange a lead-sheet chart for a small ensemble so your entire band can learn a song in minutes. No more listening to a cd over and over to figure out a guitar riff when you can learn to recognize chord progressions and easily transcribe music from recordings. You will master the ability to play chord changes for self-accompaniment as well as composition. Finally you will learn how to use the scales for improvisation and qad libbingq so you can become a soloist with your own unique sound.Chord Symbol a€“ Two Staff Systems Lead sheets are in essence a bare-bones presentation of the melody, chords and lyrics. One may not ... Of course, I Saw Her Standing There begins with a 1 chord a€œvampa€ for four measures. A blues songanbsp;...

Title:Pop Music Theory
Author:Michael Johnson
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2009-08


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