Portable Play in Everyday Life

Portable Play in Everyday Life

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Despite the fact that the Nintendo DS is one the most popular game systems of all time, theorists have largely ignored it. Here, Samuel Tobin argues that the reason for this is that the DS is literally and figuratively beneath notice and not just by game scholars but by its own players as well. Indeed it is the very qeverydaynessq of the Nintendo DS and of mobile gaming in general that is invisible yet filled with critical potential. Portable Play in Everyday Life explores how this everyday device fits into players' homes, commutes and lives. Drawing on discourse analysis and ethnographic methods, Tobin looks at the contexts, constraints and desires that animates and complicates mobile play. This is a significant shift away from examining the fantastic spaces inside of games to looking instead at the real world and lives in which play happens and why sometimes the qgood enoughq is just right.The Nintendo DS Samuel Tobin. of the DS, the XL and Dsi, can only play DS cards. The DS devices are able to use Wi-Fi to play games with other DS owners either through a local connection or globally ... For example, a Legend ofZelda Phantom Hourglass edition of the DS is decorated with Zelda-themed images andanbsp;...

Title:Portable Play in Everyday Life
Author:Samuel Tobin
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2013-10-16


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