Postures of the Mind

Postures of the Mind

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Postures of the Mind was first published in 1985. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions. Annette Baier develops, in these essays, a posture in philosophy of mind and in ethics that grows out of her reading of Hume and the later Wittgenstein, and that challenges several Kantian or analytic articles of faith. She questions the assumption that intellect has authority over all human feelings and traditions; that to recognize order we must recognize universal lawsa€”descriptive or prescriptive; that the essential mental activity is representing; and that mental acts can be analyzed into discrete basic elements, combined according to statable rules of synthesis. In the first group of essaysa€”qVarieties of Mental Posturesqa€”Baier evaluates the positions taken by philosophers ranging from Descartes to Dennett and Davidson. Among her topics are remembering, intending, realizing, caring, representing, changing one's mind, justifying one's actions and feelings, and having conflicting reasons for them. The second group of essaysa€”qVarieties of Moral Posturesq - explores the sort of morality we get when all of these capacities become reflective and self-corrective. Some deal with particular moral issuesa€”our treatment of animals, our policies regarding risk to human life, our contractual obligations; others, with more general questions on the role of moral philosophers and the place of moral theory. These essays respond to the theories of Hobbes, Kant, Rawls, and MacIntyre, but Baier's most positive reaction is to David Hume; Postures of the Mind affirms and cultivates his version of a moral reflection that employs feeling and tradition as well as reason.Essays on Mind and Morals Annette Baier. simply any apology made ... All my intentions, taken together, may not select one unique narrative for my future, since many of my action plans may have disjunctive components. But this disjunctiveanbsp;...

Title:Postures of the Mind
Author:Annette Baier
Publisher:U of Minnesota Press - 1985


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