Power Investing With Basket Securities

Power Investing With Basket Securities

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Tremendously versatile, basket securities have the potential to change the way money is managed. This book provides the proper definition of the basket security, a brief exploration of their true history, and powerful ways to exploit their advantages. The authors explore simple yet effective ways basket securities can be used in asset management strategies including trading the market, building a diversified core, or creating a thousand stock portfolio. They cover the broad array of currently available basket securities and discuss others that are on the horizon, what and when to buy and sell, and how to protect investments from market declines.The Investora#39;s Guide to Exchange-Traded Funds Peter W. Madlem, Larry D. Edwards ... The appeal of low-cost, tax-efficient vehicles that trade like stocks, with prices changing from trade to trade was ... The fifth offering will be an iShares Government/Credit Bond Index Fund based on the combined Lehman Bros. ... Such limitations do not allow the use of individual Treasuries without a lot of expense.

Title:Power Investing With Basket Securities
Author:Peter W. Madlem, Larry D. Edwards
Publisher:CRC Press - 2001-12-21


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