Power of Positive Impact

Power of Positive Impact

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qIn Power of Positive Impact: Using the Little Things to Make a Difference, q Dr. Love Otuechere explains that making a difference enables members of society to realize their full potential to impact others. Making a difference allows us to assist each other in realizing economic recovery. As technology grows and shifts our capabilities to new heights, businesses and educational systems need the positive integration of talent to transition. Sometimes, change begins with a small action, like not buying lunch out for a year and then using that money to help others in need. Much has been written focusing on how to achieve economic recovery in the midst of cutting-edge technology, a global economic meltdown, and the high unemployment rate. However, many have missed the fact that recovery, growth, and economic reform are dependent upon the positive impact of people using whatever materials they have on hand, to transform the lives of others. qPower of Positive Impact qhighlights the benefits of doing little things to bring meaning to others' lives, impacting the development of a positive mindset. Accentuating the importance of creating a positive effect on today's society can go a long way toward fulfilling a sense of purpose for each of us in today's ever-changing world.Can you be trusted to perform as the need arises? Do you shun responsibility and break ... The people you devalued for refusing to do your part will never see you as a mentor or a person of influence (Gen. 31:5a€”7). It is also not by accident anbsp;...

Title:Power of Positive Impact
Author:Love Otuechere
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-09


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