Practical Bomb Scene Investigation, Second Edition

Practical Bomb Scene Investigation, Second Edition

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Now in its second edition, Practical Bomb Scene Investigation explores the investigative process that improvised explosive device (IED) specialists undertake at the scene of an explosion. Providing easy-to-understand, step-by-step procedures for managing and processing a bomb scene, it enables investigators to find the evidence and then make sense of what is found. The book is not only a roadmap of knowledge on how to find and collect evidence, but also an instructional guide on how to safely and effectively assess the scene. New in this Edition: Information on detonation pressure and its effects on the body Instructions on how to collect additional information from the scene in order to provide an estimate of the explosives weight of the IED A glossary for a more in-depth understanding of the terms associated with explosives and the investigation processes A greatly expanded IED component identification chapter A chapter on how to expeditiously investigate a post-blast scene in a hostile environment Information on how to prepare an Investigative Reportcontacts that completes the circuit when the conductive mercury is positioned in such a way as to be in direct contact with two ... Regarding influence-type booby trap switches, this means the switch is activated, or turned on, without physically ... the person leaves the room and after a short delay the lights are turned off because there is no movement in the room. ... removal of light falling on a light- sensitive electronic component completes a circuit to activate an appliance, or a clap ofanbsp;...

Title:Practical Bomb Scene Investigation, Second Edition
Author:James T. Thurman
Publisher:CRC Press - 2011-01-28


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