Practical Ruby Gems

Practical Ruby Gems

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Practical Ruby Gems is a comprehensive guide to utilizing and creating Ruby Gemsa€”ready-made Ruby code modules that can be easily added to Ruby and Rails projects. This book is ideal for Ruby programmers as well as web developers who use Rails and wish to extend the functionality of their projects. You'll get a prime selection of 34 of the best and most useful Gems, which makes up the core of this book. Each of these also comes complete with actual use cases and code examples that you can use immediately in your own projects. Table of Contents What Is RubyGems? Installing RubyGems Using RubyGems in Your Code Managing Installed Gem Versions Data Access with the ActiveRecord Gem Easy Text Markup with the BlueCloth Gem Creating Web Applications with Camping Creating Command-Line Utilities with cmdparse HTML Templating with erubis Parsing Feeds with feedtools Creating Graphical User Interfaces with fxruby Retrieving Stock Quotes with YahooFinance Parsing HTML with hpricot Writing HTML as Ruby with Markaby Parsing CSV with fastercsv Multiple Dispatch with multi Serving Web Applications with mongrel Transferring Files Securely with net-sftp Executing Commands on Remote Servers with net-ssh Validating Credit Cards with creditcard Writing PDFs with pdf-writer Handling Recurring Events with runt Building Websites with Rails Automating Development Tasks with rake Manipulating Images with RMagick Speeding Up Web Applications with memcache-client Managing Zip Archives with rubyzip Speeding Up Function Calls with memoize Tagging MP3 Files with id3lib-ruby Shortening URLs with shorturl Creating Standalone Ruby Applications with rubyscript2exe Cleaning Dirty HTML with tidy Parsing XML with xml-simple Creating Our Own Gems Distributing GemsTest Credit Card Numbers Card Type Test Number Visa 4111-1111-1111-1111 MasterCard 5431-1111-1111-1111 ... Club ruby creditcard_check.rb 4111-1111- 1111-1111 Credit card number is valid with type visa. ruby creditcard_check.rbanbsp;...

Title:Practical Ruby Gems
Author:David Berube
Publisher:Apress - 2007-04-15


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